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Characters & Animations

The Salads


In 2008, The SALADS was born on a little piece of drawing paper with color pencil sketches and a lot of stories to tell. Imagine a sunflower character that fell asleep when there’s no light; or an onion who cried because of the smell of his own head…. The sketches were fast, giggles and laughter were growing.


With home in Thailand, there’s no better source of inspiration from all the colorful flowers, and if we may, the best tasting fruits and vegetables on earth.  Inspired by the beauty and wonderful nature of all the faunas and flora surrounding us, the unique and interesting personality in each of The SALADS character came alive. The little sketches had grown into charming 3D characters with their own Animated TV series that will bring smiles into every heart and home. 


The SALADS is now growing strongly in areas of Kid’s Apparel, Stationery and Gifts, Family and Home Products, and our greatest pride is the indoor Theme Park – “The SALADS Smart Playground TM”.


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New project that was pitched at Asian Animation Summit 2013. DENO is a humor story of young DENOs inspired by famous and long-running Children's book series. For more information on this new project, please contact

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